We offer the following bioinformatics services:

Medical Cannabis Potency
and Terpene Analysis

LCR utilizes the very latest Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry equipment from Shimadzu to precisely measure the potency and terpene content of recreational and medical cannabis. This attention to detail assures producer and consumer alike of the quality of the product tested.

Microbial Screening
and Mycotoxin Analysis

We test for hundreds of different microbes and mycotoxins that can be present in the product, ensuring health and safety of the consumer.

Residual Solvent Testing

The presence of residual solvents, especially in concentrates, can be hazardous to consumers’ health. Our testing reveals any of these chemicals that may be left over from extraction, so they can be dealt with properly by producers.

Intellectual Property
Development and Protection

If you have intellectual property that you would like to protect, we can help. Contact us to find out how!

Health and Beauty

We analyze product from the health and beauty industry such as tinctures, topicals, and more!

Fruits and Vegetables

We test grapes, hops, berries and more for nutritional content and residual pesticides and toxins.

Nutritional Labeling,
Testing and Analysis

LCR can analyze and certify any produce for nutritional labeling.

Packaging, Labeling
and Certification

We can package, seal and certify your products for distribution, transportation, or storage.

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